Monday, January 25, 2010

Montana Ash - Leaded Glass

These two panels frame an exposed masonry fireplace.
They are only a few feet away from the original  ash tree.

The panels and the light work their magic in various seasons and times of the day.  Here the panel is backlit at dusk.  They are currently located in a residence in Helena, Montana.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Cattail Panel - Leaded Glass

Immersing ones self in the spell of a long Montana winter happens when coming to the present moment and noticing the amazing animation (sometimes frozen, suspended animation!) in the landscape.  The design came during a long walk along a frozen puddle filled, gravel country road.

The panel is 32" by 20 inches and resides in West Yellowstone, Montana

Leaf Lamp - Leaded Glass

The design elements were taken from a larger sketch of wild foliage growing along a small Colorado mountain creek. The panel segments literally arrayed themselves in the final design.

The lamp is 38" in diameter, weighs 40 lbs. and is now located in Boulder, Colorado.

Stream Bed Lamp - Leaded Glass

 The lamp's design began on a walk down a sun-baked, dried out stream bed.  Patterns in the baked clay, interspersed with the occasional fallen leaf and stone were outrageously beautiful.  The finished lamp is 36" in diameter and weighs 35 pounds. 

The lamp now resides  in Grand Junction, Colorado