Saturday, March 12, 2011


Value Study

Early Development: First segment drawing of the ice crystal 
laden shrub at the edge of the front yard fish pond. 
Further development of the image suggests oval and 
circular design possibilities. When the upper panel is 
fabricated in Dalles de Verre, the shrub will measure 7 ft.
 tall.  The total panel will extend to 16 ft. tall.

These oval and circular concept drawings, derived 
from the original sketch, keep the lowest values at the 
heart of the shrub and graduate to higher values at the 
outer edges. 

    The value plan is here reversed in these last two drawings  
by holding the highest values at the heart of the design 
and graduating to the lower color values  at the outer edges. 

 The embedded, strong geometric armature, the powerful 
and ancient geometry of the Squaring of the Circle,
bridges the white-hot spiritual fire at the center to 
physical intensity and passion at the outer edge.

This design, when realized in Dalles de Verre,

will measure 6 ft. in diameter.

These designs are awaiting a commission.