Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Summer Celebration

Preliminary color sketch and value study

 The Dalles de Verre (Slab Glass) is cut, faceted and positioned. The perimeter steel reinforcing is placed. The latex release agent is poured.  It will cure in several days.  The panel is then ready for the thermoset epoxy pour. 

The epoxy pour completed, the wood dam is removed. Steel reinforcing is exposed along with eyelet hooks embedded into the epoxy.  No texture grit is applied to the viewing side, as the panel will "live" outdoors.  (If grit is applied, it will accumulate wind-driven dirt and bird droppings.  It is very difficult to clean!)

The panel is turned over and the latex release agent is removed. (The release agent performs three functions: a) It holds the slab glass's  position during the epoxy pour b)  It prevents the epoxy from flowing under the glass and c) It prevents the epoxy from bonding with the substrate surface, below the glass.)

The finished panel with morning sunlight!

In late morning the glass and color become even more lively