Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Transition on Thoreau Street

One of my most deeply felt and satisfying designs draws on the presence of a stand of trees at the edge of my commuter train platform.  Photographing them over the years in all seasons, watching them energetically grow and thrive, or become temporarily ill and recover to full energy, has led me to consider them as a second family. I have become aware of their "calendar" which is in fact, the calendar of most of the natural world. Their lives are intimately tied to the Earth's position in relation to the sun that governs light and temperature, and, I confidently add, to the amount of human admiration and helpful attention they experience. I have designed three seasonal panels, (with the fourth in progress) representing fall, winter, spring and summer. My plan is to erect these four panels in the landscape, oriented to receive the first morning and last evening light at solstice and equinox times of the solar year. What more intimate way to acknowledge their life and energy! This is similar to celebrating a beloved friend's birthday! This natural celebrtion cycle easily extends our awareness to the natural "liturgies" and cycles of our solar system.

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