Friday, October 23, 2009

Winter Transition on Thoreau Street - Details

Winter Panel (Left)

Winter Panel (Right)

Landscape Study
Both panels, each a tribute to Gaia during this mid-winter occasion, will live together on the landscape, in a masonry surround above a reflecting pool. The colored glass, the light and the reflecting pool are placed to receive and reflect the early mornng Winter Solstice sunlight and playfully celebrate this seasonal event.  Cultures and nature consciousness around the globe celebrate this significant time of  rebirth and express gratitude for the beginning of another cycle of fertility and growth.

Mid-winter weather offers color-filled therapy to all of us.  The colors almost physically touch us as the sun moves across the sky.   From the larger designed panel of Winter Transition on Thoreau St. I plan to construct these as my next dalles de verre sample panels.

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